What goes into listing your home?

You would be surprised to know that most of the work involved in selling a home actually happens before it even goes on the market.
When you first see a property your hopefully seeing at its very best and most marketable, but most people don’t really know what happens behind the scenes.
First we do a market analysis of the property and compare it to other properties that have recently sold or are currently on the market. Then we try to determine who will buy the home and how they will live. The property has been cleaned, painted and we  occasionally work with home stagers to furnish and redecorate if needed. If it has outdoor space we get someone to come in and give it a proper grooming. Sometimes, a home inspection report has been conducted and many of the small faults have been repaired. We have taken professional pictures and virtual tours, created floor plans and uploaded this information onto our website and the companies site. We have talk about it at our company meetings, prepared justed listed cards and flyers and create a social media buzz . We also have collected data and garnered our collegues opinions to arrive at the perfect price and marketing strategy. Of course all of this happens before the house is listed on MLS, once there, our job is to present the home to other realtors, field inquires and host open houses for the public. The idea is to show the property in is absolute best light, to attract the right buyer. We want to minimize any disturbance, safe guard your possessions and ultimately get the money for your property.



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