Think I should try something like this in cottage country

Beer being offered as incentive for Calgary home purchase

$1,000 worth on day of possession

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CALGARY — Two MLS homes for sale in Calgary are offering a unique incentive  for prospective buyers.


The sellers of homes in Hidden Valley and Coventry Hills, both listed by  realtor Robyn Moser of MaxWell South Star Realty, are offering to leave $1,000  in beer behind to the buyers.

“The homeowners are offering any purchaser who is willing to purchase a home  $1,000 in beer on possession day as part of the offering price of a home,” said  Moser, who works with a team of realtors called Robyn Moser &  Associates.

“It’s most likely going to have to be (left) either in the garage or  depending on the temperature in the house.”

Moser came up with the idea after seeing a story in Chicago where a seller  was offering beer with the purchase of the home and how showings on the property  increased by 300 per cent.

“And with those two listings in particular I knew that the clients were very  receptive to trying out new ideas,” she said. “And I felt I would pass along the  information of what they tried down in Chicago and how successful it was down  there.

“Plus at the same time, like we all discussed, there’s nothing more Canadian  than beer.”

The two-storey, 1,800-square-foot home in Hidden Valley is listed at  $424,900. “Buy this home and on possession day the seller will leave you $1,000  in beer,” says the listing to that property.

The Coventry Hills home is two storeys and 1335 square feet and listed at  $349,900. “Homeowners are offering $1,000 in beer to buyer of this home,” says  the listing.

“It’s a homeowner incentive, not a realtor incentive because we can’t put  those out there,” said Moser, adding that the kind of beer left behind will be  negotiated as part of the purchase agreement.

David Finch, assistant professor of marketing at the Bissett School of  Business at Mount Royal University, called the idea “intriguing.”

“At the end of the day, incentive is very audience specific,” he said. “The  incentives for 10-year-old kids are very different from seniors.”

Finch said he doesn’t think someone would purchase a home simply because of  the $1,000 beer incentive.

“But the first step in any type of consumer transaction is awareness,” he  said. “You don’t shop somewhere or consume anything you’ve never heard of. This  is less of an incentive but more of a promotion where they’re building awareness  and buzz around the property for sale not pretending in fact that somebody’s  going to sign on the dotted line to get $1,000 in beer.”

He said he’s heard of cars being used as incentives to buying a property.

“We’re going to try it out with the first two homes and see how it works,” said Moser. “So far actually the response after one day has been pretty  positive.

“I’m sure that if it works really well we’ll probably look at doing it with  some other listings or find other things that suit the clients’ house or  neighbourhood

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